TrainingPeaks Power Certification

This course is designed to equip coaches and athletes with a deeper understanding of power training and its complexities, and with the knowledge of how to interpret data to improve performance.


To receive your Power Training Certification, you must watch and understand all four sessions of the Introduction to Power Training course and complete a 25 question test at the completion of all sessions (100 questions in total) with a score of 80% or above.

Once you have successfully passed the certification you will be provided with a 'TrainingPeaks Power Certified" badge which you can use in your email signature, website, etc.  If you are a TrainingPeaks Certified coach you will eventually be able to add this to your coach profile along with your TrainingPeaks Certification.

CEUs: USAC Coaches get 4 CEUs for successful completion of this course. 



The course will be divided into four parts.


Session 1: Getting Started with Power

Learning the science behind power training is very important. What is the definition of a watt? What is the meaning of the power terms watts, power, work, and functional threshold power? This session digs into these base definitions and provides an overview of how to get started with power training


Session 2: The Performance Management System

As daily workouts are uploaded into TrainingPeaks, the PMC (Performance Management Chart) will begin to populate. The PMC is a powerful tool that tracks fitness, fatigue, and form. This session will delve into the uses and management of the Performance Management  Chart


Session 3: Athlete Power Analysis

Power gives us an objective process and measurement strategy to both plan and track athlete performance. This session will demonstrate how to utilize available power charts and reports to track athlete performance and how to quantifiably measure results.


Session 4: Workout Review

Where the rubber meets the road: the workout. This final educational session will demonstrate a suggested process of reviewing power-based workouts while building a better understanding of key data points.


Certification Test upon completion