Get Your Goals

You set goals to fulfill dreams, to move from wishing something would happen to making it happen. The fact that you're here says that you're ready to make that shift. Whether you are coming back from injury or working towards a PR in your next race – ALL accomplishments start with goal-setting.



If you’ve ever:

  • Let your fears and doubts hold you back from going after a goal
  • Started out strong on your goal path and then lost your confidence, focus, and motivation along the way
  • Hit a setback, got frustrated, and abandoned your goal altogether
  • Struggled with how to help the athletes you coach accomplish their goals

You are in the right place.

This hour long course includes menatl skills expert, Carrie Cheadle's, tips on how to set yourself, or your athlete, up for success with a proven goal setting strategy. Course also includes downloadable worksheets and quizzes to help test your knowlege.


Lesson 1: Why Set Goals?  11 mins,24 secs

  • Goal Program Brainstorm worksheet
  • Quiz


Lesson 2: Pitfalls  edit 9 mins,27 secs

  • Goal Setting Pitfalls worksheet
  • Pitfalls Quiz


Lesson 3: Goal Commitment 13 mins,24 secs

  • Goal Commitment Quiz

Lesson 4: Goal Action Plan 10 mins,22 secs

  • Goal Action Plan worksheet
  • Goal Action Plan Quiz
  • Goal Support Worksheet
  • Potential Obstacle Worksheet


Lesson 5: Adjusting and Evaluating Goals 11 mins,15 secs

  • Goal Evaluation worksheet
  • Evaluating and Adjusting Goals Quiz



Carrie Cheadle